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Fondazione Alsos is a private, not-for-profit institution promoted by the Fondazione Isabella Seràgnoli, a holding of foundations in the fields of health and social care and of culture that operates according to an entrepreneurial philanthropic model. The Foundation is a place for culture, research and study.
It is conceived as a point of reference for innovative, interdisciplinary and scientifically rigorous research in the fields of the Humanities and Social Sciences. It aims to offer useful contributions to the quality of decision-making processes in the public and private domain.

Aims of the Foundation

The Organisation

The President of Fondazione Alsos is Isabella Seràgnoli. The Foundation has a Board of Directors which defines its guidelines, internal rules, fields of operation and scientific programs.

The Board of Directors nominates a Board of Trustees, which is made up of highly qualified personalities and scholars in cultural fields; it has the task of providing scientific and cultural support, as well as promoting, guiding and safeguarding the projects and research programs in the institutional fields of the Foundation. The Trustees of Fondazione Alsos are Enzo Bianchi, Massimo Cacciari, Ivano Dionigi, Romano Prodi, Gianfranco Ravasi and Massimo Recalcati.

Headquarters of the Foundation

A meeting place for a broad research community

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