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Gaia Cottino

General field of research

Anthropological Studies

Project by

Flavia G. Cuturi, Università degli Studi di Napoli "L'Orientale"

  • Abstract
  • The contribution of foreign men and women to generational change in the agricultural and pastoral sector has been decisive in counteracting the trend of demographic decline in mountainous areas in the 20th century. This project aims to investigate the phenomenon of immigration in Alpine regions. It uses an anthropological perspective that analyses successful cases of cohabitation in the Maritime Alps in the province of Cuneo, examining the phenomenon through the lens of food. Observing the relationships between migrants and residents established in the valleys, this study tries to understand how coexistence has been achieved since the former entered the food sector. In particular, the project investigates how immigrants have been able to regenerate social life in mountainous regions through their food memories, becoming the main actors of this transition. It also examines whether their new situation leads to a break or continuity with respect to their gender roles, their previous work activities and their countries of origin.

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